Your support is essential for Bridgeway to continue providing the life-changing services that we offer. Your donation will go to any one of the many of expenses we incur from helping with rent, buying basic hygiene products, taking our participants out to a restaurant for the first time in years, finding a job, and many many more! If you are not ready to donate, take a look at some other ways you could help here.




Thank you for taking the time to support our cause!





Bless You!!! We truly appreciate this gift and it allows us to continue our good work restoring our houses and lives!





You’re incredible!! A meal out for a birthday is a privilege not enjoyed by everyone thank you for allowing our program to give that gift to those who have never had it!





You are a hero! Your generous support allows for many second-chance opportunities! We are truly blessed to have this gift!





There are no words to describe your generosity! Thank you for helping us “break the chains” in the name of Jesus for those whom have experienced them for so long behind the bars and prison wire.


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