Get Involved


There are many ways you can be in support of Bridgeway:


  • We have a list of many prayer requests that you can stand in the gap for the many whom are incarcerated or have made that transition into re-entry

Become a Sponsor

  • Every second and fourth Monday at Omaha Correctional Center there is a sponsor training seminar for members of the public. Becoming a sponsor allows you the opportunity to take men and women who are incarcerated outside of the facility for a supervised time. Bridgeway needs more sponsors to be on the buses for an increasing number of men every Sunday when we take everyone to church. We also need sponsors to be there for our Overcomers in Christ program on Thursday evenings.
  • Becoming a sponsor allows you to interact with these men in a much deeper way than is possible inside a prison and it is an incredible experience.

Physical Good Donations

  • Our men and women being released need many things that many people don’t think about, often many are released with next to nothing at all. A few very important items are:
    • Hygiene products
    • twin mattresses
    • dressers
    • professional clothing
  • If you have anything you would like to donate feel free to reach out to us here!

Monetary DonationsĀ 

  • Donations accepted due to the large number being paroled due to the overcrowded prisons. Donate here if you feel called to this.
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