Our Program


These are the facts we know:

76% of inmates re-offend within the first 5 years of release, this is because of many reasons including:

  • Difficult to adapt back to society
  • Loss of family and friends – no support
  • Difficult to find employment
  • Difficult to get housing/lease apartment/house

Bridgeway tackles all of these and more challenges!! We attend the parole hearings and bring them out into society upon parole and re-entry, provide housing and programming, structure, but most of all a new life in Christ is introduced and modeled in this new Christian based environment where they attend church, bible study, meetings, Overcomers in Christ.

Bridgeway provides support in building that foundation for their new life when totally released.  Freedom in Christ and freedom from the prison walls.

Going into Prison

We provide Bible study, prayer and contact with inmates at all custody levels as well as support and encouragement through cards, letters, and money through the canteen (the store within the prison).

Community Custody

Upon classification of Community Custody we are able to take them to church on Sunday, and during the week for Overcomers in Christ, help with finding jobs in the community, shopping passes for hygiene products, and celebration of their birthday with a dinner out. Time spent out in the community helps slowly transition back into society.


Bridgeway runs a 6-month program for those re-entering back into society. Parole plan and 6-month program commitment is required. After being released from prison upon parole, life again on the outside begins. Christian based housing is provided.  Men and women must be willing to abide by and complete all that is required.  Bridgeway works closely with the parole officers to help to provide a successful re-entry. Church attendance, Bible study, house meetings, activities….. a new life of commitment, integrity, responsibility and new found life in Christ due to learning of HIS love, forgiveness and the might plan and purpose HE has created them for.

The Result

Thank you to Jesus and the dedication of our residents, parole, staff and volunteers, 94% or our men and women have continued to lead successful lives, serving Christ and our community and have not re-offended!!


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